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Witness the Great North American Eclipse in Georgetown, Texas!

Total Solar Eclipse






Only 13 states are on the narrow path of the Great North American Eclipse, and Georgetown, Texas is on that path! Plan to experience the total phase of the 2024 total eclipse in Georgetown, Texas on April 8 at 1:36 PM CDT, where the eclipse will last approximately 3 minutes and 15 seconds. During the Total Solar Eclipse, you will have the rare opportunity to observe the sun’s spectacular corona while standing in the shadow of the moon!

During a total solar eclipse, the Moon blocks the Sun’s bright face — the photosphere — briefly revealing our star’s outer atmosphere: the shimmering corona, or “crown.” Made of rarefied gas heated to millions of degrees, with its atoms highly ionized (stripped of electrons), the diaphanous corona gets sculpted into streamers and loops by the Sun’s powerful magnetic field and shines with a light seen nowhere else. It is hauntingly beautiful and, without a doubt, one of the most awesome sights in all of nature. (Source:

eclipse glasses

Since looking directly at the Sun can cause permanent eye damage or even blindness, special eclipse safety glasses or viewers must always be used during a solar eclipse (sunglasses are not safe). The small amount of light emitted during even a 99.9 percent eclipse is still dangerous. The only time it’s safe to look at a total eclipse without proper eye protection is during the brief period of “totality” when the Sun is 100 percent blocked by the Moon. (Source: Check out the safety glasses and viewer options, as well as souveniers, at>>

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For more information about eclipse safety and preparation, visit the Williamson County eclipse page>>

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