Visit Georgetown

How to Submit an Event

The City of Georgetown hosts this calendar to help promote arts and entertainment events in this area.  We reserve the right to not post an event, but generally an event that may have a tourism appeal will be accepted.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Theatre performances
  • Live music
  • Community-wide sporting events (e.g. 5K runs, major softball tournaments, cycling races)
  • Festivals
  • Classes of an entertaining nature, which may be attended on a walk-in basis

We do not publish on our calendar events that are very locally focused or events whose audience is a very distinct audience.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Religious ceremonies
  • Garage sales (excluding a city-wide garage sale, which is a type of festival)
  • Club meetings

How to get information about your event to us

There are two methods to get us your information:

  • 1. Direct contact:  You can email us your information at
  • 2. Send us an invite from a iCal enabled web calendar, such as google calendar, yahoo calendar or Microsoft Outlook.  The email address to invite is This is generally the quickest, most accurate method because we’re using the information you’ve typed in yourself, which reduces the chance for data entry errors.
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